Little more than just a complex

We are expanding the horizons and offer a completely new project on the coast of Long Beach, which will turn your view of life in the complex. The Royal Life Residence consists of commercial premises and 500 studio and one-bedroom apartments, which set new standards for quality of life, along with its unique location, extraordinary nature, leisure areas and much more.

The Royal Life Residence is located just 100 meters from the golden beach of Long Beach, which gives you an excellent opportunity to meet the sunrises from the balcony of your apartment every morning and gives you the feeling of a life-long rest. Together with the adjacent territory and recreation areas, every detail in the complex is thought out in accordance with your wishes!

Only in the Royal Life complex you can enjoy the extraordinary taste of dishes of our restaurant, while your child actively spends time on the playground or in the pool with water slides. Golden Beach is just 5 minutes walk from the complex.

Royal Life Residence offers you an ideal opportunity to invest in the future and provides a wide range of commercial alternatives for your business, gathered under one roof and equipped with a reliable security system: a grocery supermarket, a cafe, a restaurant, a bank, a pharmacy, a massage room, a sauna, and many others. opportunities for your social activity. Royal Life Residence is the right choice for an unforgettable vacation that can last forever.

Our projects are still the most sought after in the Long Beach area. The Group of Companies continues to develop new projects, focusing on the satisfaction of our customers.

Services and Entertainment:

Guarded entrance

Pool with slides

Children's swimming pool

Restaurant and Bar

Outdoor sports grounds

Game center and playgrounds

Spa and Fitness Center




  1. Standard payment plan for objects under construction using a loan from the developer: 

the first installment is 30% of the value of the object;

by the time the keys are received, 60% of the cost must be paid (that is, another 30% is paid during construction in equal installments (monthly / quarterly) until August 2019-2020 (Block A-Block B);

40% of the cost of installments for 24 months + the possibility of obtaining a loan for up to 2 years at 10% per annum.

  1. Signing a contract. 

Registration of the Real Estate Purchase Agreement with a foreign buyer takes place with the participation of a lawyer. The lawyer makes a contract in Russian and Turkish languages, which specifies the terms of sale: the value of the property, the deadline for the object, payment plan and other specific conditions. The contract is signed by the Seller and the Buyer.

  1. Getting title

The legislation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) provides for a procedure for obtaining a title, which represents the right to own real estate and land, directly in the name of the owner. Prior to the receipt of the relevant Title, the document confirming the ownership will be the contract of sale and registration in the Land Committee of the TRNC.


There are 4 main types of taxes on any transaction when buying property:

  1. Stamp duty 

Stamp duty is mandatory, paid to the Tax Service within 21 days from the date of signing of the Agreement. The fee is 0.5% of the value specified in the contract. Payment occurs at the stage of signing the contract.

  1. VAT 

The amount of VAT at the moment is 5% of the value of the property specified in the Sale and Purchase Agreement. Payment is made 3 months before receiving the keys.

  1. Transformer fee 

The amount of payment, including the connection of communications to the electricity and water supply, as well as to the telephone line is 2000 pounds.  Payment is made 3 months before receiving the keys.

  1. Remittance fee 

Remittance fee must be paid to the District Land Committee before transfer Real estate title in the name of the buyer. The amount of this fee is 6% of the property value, which is calculated on the basis of the assessed value. At the moment, when you first purchase a property, the Buyer has a one-time right to a discount and pay a fee at a reduced rate of 3%.

  1. Property tax 

Paid annually 1.25 Turkish Lira per square meter of real estate.

- electricity meter 1100 Turkish liras (paid when receiving the keys to the electric company Kibtek)

- water meter 400 Turkish liras (paid when receiving the keys to the company's accounting department).

Annual service includes:

  1. Lighting and cleaning the elevator (if any in the building);
  2. Lighting and cleaning of the entrance;
  3. Lighting and cleaning of the complex;
  4. Gardener's job (if necessary)
  5. Cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools.

The tenants pay monthly utilities: water on advance cards that they receive in the accounting department of the Noyanlar company (1 m3 = 6 Turkish liras);

Electricity is paid by the meter (1 kW = 0.50 Turkish lira)

North Cyprus Investments offers three types of apartment maintenance for its clients:

  1. Operation in the system of apartment hotels with the definition of income according to the share. The projected net income of 12% per annum.
  2. Operation in the system of apartment hotels with guaranteed rental in advance, with an income of 6-9% per annum, depending on the cost of apartments, the number of rooms, repairs and other factors affecting the profitability. Guaranteed rent can be calculated when buying apartments, as well as paid in advance.
  3. Manage your apartment hotel with a deduction in favor of the agency of 15% of the income from exploitation.


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