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Europeans have long been investing in real estate in North Cyprus. It began from the time of the colonization of Cyprus by Great Britain in the 1890s.
The influence of British culture is also evident today: left-hand traffic, English is the official language, as is Turkish (in Northern Cyprus). Charm influence of the great British culture is catchy in everything. This and the local Anglican Church and the legacy of charming colonial architecture.
And let the British pounds sterling, unofficially, but still the main unit of account of the real estate business. Yes, and pay unts can be in any store and restaurant.
Of course, the division of Cyprus in 1974 (the reasons for this are contradictory, and each of the parties to the confrontation has its own position) of the development of the real estate market has undergone a decline.
However, nowadays, after the official decision of the European Court of Justice in 2010 on recognizing the activities of the Real Estate Commission, which made compensation payments to the Greeks who left the northern part of the island, huge investment flows again flowed from the European Union and side of Turkey.
These events completely changed the image of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a territory of instability, the "gray zone". Today, Northern Cyprus is one of the most dynamic developing republics in terms of increasing real estate sales.
The presence of foreign multimillion-dollar investments raised the rating of investors' confidence in the reliability of investments.
The expected capitalization of real estate in North Cyprus is 10-15% per year. This means that a purchased apartment or villa, especially in the coastal zone, will give the investor the opportunity to earn money on rent, receiving a monthly guaranteed income, and make a considerable profit in the event of resale of the acquired property after several years.
And the main factor in this business is that with all the profitability, liquidity and increase in the value of the property itself, now it is also a low base value of the property itself.
Here we offer our customers real prices, without embellished and hidden payments, guaranteed income with a rate much higher than other companies offer.
Due to the fact that large global banking institutions were not involved in the process of lending to developers who are building new real estate, there is almost no recession in North Cyprus, but on the contrary, there is a steady increase in macroeconomics.
This is quite a rare phenomenon for the European space as a whole.
In addition, after the recent crisis of the financial systems of Greece and South Cyprus, investors, who had previously considered South Cyprus more attractive, reoriented and began to massively invest in North Cyprus real estate. After all, Northern Cyprus does not fall into the so-called "Eurozone", and life in the North of the island is much cheaper as well as the real estate itself.
Now Northern Cyprus is a territory beyond possibilities, a dynamically developing republic with a stable macroeconomy, a functional legal system and a pleasant climate.
The UN and the European Union are stimulating the possible unification of the two parts of Cyprus. And this stirs the interest of investors, because whatever the configuration of a possible merger could be, there will be a definite sharp jump in the growth of real estate value.
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We have created for you a cozy warm place!
Passion for life on the sandy beach, buzzing lifestyle in the city center and an excellent investment opportunity - all under one roof, this is our new project Long Beach Park Residence.

The Long Beach Park Residence by Noyanlar Group will add a new view of the Long Beach coastline! The project is located just 200 meters from the sandy beach of Long Beach. We are pleased to offer you an apartment overlooking the sea with spacious balconies, designed in accordance with modern architectural trends.

Our proposed facilities, starting at £ 42,000, are located in the best resort areas of the island, and upon purchase profitable interest-free installment plans *

You will have a high-quality lifestyle in the center of Long Beach Park Residence, which has indoor and outdoor pools, walking paths, green areas, a fitness center and special golf courses. This is the best model of tradition, which was presented with its architecture, which offers you barbecue areas, recreation areas, which you can spend your time with joy and balconies to enjoy the natural view.

We are pushing the limits of living life to a new level with our new project in the cradle of Long Beach. The project consists of multi-purpose stores and 550 apartments. The project allows you to have access to variable flat options such as a studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms, extensive closed areas and balconies, as well as a variety of high-quality entertainment, restaurants, sports and wellness facilities.

This luxury hotel is located just 2 minutes ’walk from Long Beach. It offers you a complete family vacation with a wide range of amenities.

Little more than just a complex
We are expanding the horizons and offer a completely new project on the coast of Long Beach, which will turn your view of life in the complex. The Royal Life Residence consists of commercial premises and 500 studio and one-bedroom apartments, which set new standards for quality of life, along with its unique location, extraordinary nature, leisure areas and much more.

The Royal Life Residence is located just 100 meters from the golden beach of Long Beach, which gives you an excellent opportunity to meet the sunrises from the balcony of your apartment every morning and gives you the feeling of a life-long rest. Together with the adjacent territory and recreation areas, every detail in the complex is thought out in accordance with your wishes!

Only in the Royal Life complex you can enjoy the extraordinary taste of dishes of our restaurant, while your child actively spends time on the playground or in the pool with water slides. Golden Beach is just 5 minutes walk from the complex.

Royal Life Residence offers you an ideal opportunity to invest in the future and provides a wide range of commercial alternatives for your business, gathered under one roof and equipped with a reliable security system: a grocery supermarket, a cafe, a restaurant, a bank, a pharmacy, a massage room, a sauna, and many others. opportunities for your social activity. Royal Life Residence is the right choice for an unforgettable vacation that can last forever.

Our projects are still the most sought after in the Long Beach area. The Group of Companies continues to develop new projects, focusing on the satisfaction of our customers.

Stable profit of 12% per year and receiving Residence permit at real estate investing.
Our proposed facilities, starting at £ 42,000, are located in the best resort areas of the island, and upon purchase, profitable installment-free installment plans * are offered.

Profit when renting apartments.
At the time of handing over the keys, you as the owner of the apartments can transfer them to the North Cyprus Investments office. We competently provide the administration of the property of our clients who become equity participants in the apartment hotel. Profit is distributed among all participants and does not depend on the seasonality or frequency of rental apartments.

Investors are offered a standard installment plan * payments:
• 30% of the cost at the conclusion of the contract.
• 30% of the cost when the object is ready, receiving the keys.
• 40% of the cost within 24 months (in equal parts) after receiving the keys.

When buying a studio apartment 47sq.m from £ 34,000, in a complex PARK RESIDENCE we offer a special installment plan *:
• £ 1 000 deposit at the conclusion of the contract.
• 30% of the cost in equal parts until March 2019.
• 30% of cost in equal installments prior to commissioning, December 2021.
• 40% of the cost in equal parts for 30 months after receiving the keys.

During the free study tour you have the unique opportunity to visit the under construction and showrooms of finished residential complexes, see the most important infrastructure facilities on which the development of the region depends. During the tour you will feel the features and flavor of island life. Get acquainted with the culture and customs, visit historical sights. Golden sand beaches stretch for miles along the coast, and it is a 5-minute walk from the villa. Mediterranean cuisine and the freshest fruits will surprise you with quality and prices.






Studio in the Park Residence complex



£ 42,000.00

For sale



1 + 1 apartment in Royal Sun Residence

Long Beach, Iskele


£ 50,000.00

For sale



Apartments Aqua 2 + 1 in the complex Royal Sun Residence

Long Beach, Iskele


£ 65,000.00

For sale

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