Study Tour Program

Трансфер из аэропорта

Transfer from airport

Презентация лучших жилых комплексов от застройщиков

Presentation of the best residential complexes from developers

Экскурсия по всем знаковым местам, объектам инфраструктуры

Excursion to all significant places, infrastructure

Проживание в апартаментах, в 5 минутах от побережья

Accommodation in apartments, 5 minutes from the coast

Отдых на лучших пляжах

Rest on the best beaches

Местная средиземноморская кухня и колоритные продуктовые рынки

Local Mediterranean cuisine and colorful food markets

Посещение достопримечательностей и объектов культурного наследия

Visiting attractions and cultural heritage sites

!!! The tour does not include the cost of the flight !!!

Best investment offers

Apartments in the complex
Park residence

from £ 42,000


from £ 120,000

Apartments in the complex
Royal Life Residence

from £ 42,000

Holidays by the sea and acquaintance with the island

  • Apartments by the sea with all amenities
  • Clean beaches with golden sand
  • Comfortable climate all year round
  • High quality food
  • Mediterranean Kitchen
  • Objects of cultural heritage
  • Infrastructure facilities

Great opportunities are open for you.

Own pension fund

The most reliable pension fund, it is created independently. Having today the opportunity to gradually and in small parts to invest in real estate, in 4-5 years you become the owner of a housing stock that will bring a stable monthly income for decades.

Apartment ownership

Co-owners receive a guaranteed profit regardless of the season and the frequency of rental apartments. Available for purchase are different options for apartments in apartment hotels, which we manage.

Comfortable life in Cyprus for the whole family

When you change your place of residence is very important to establish a stable monthly salary. By investing in tourist real estate you are guaranteed to be able to fully meet the needs of the family.


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